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Let’s face it: the old ways of the marketing world are dead.

It’s a new day, and brands need to be smarter, more authentic, and braver than ever before.

At Keldof, we believe that audiences are made up of individuals eager to experience meaningful messaging from those that share their values. In short, the world is demanding brands with a social conscience. And those willing to pick up the gauntlet will be rewarded.

Our winning recipe for success begins by tailoring a team around your specific goals. We then unite brands + talent + notable causes to DEVELOP customized concepts that ENGAGE audiences, while offering impactful experiences. The result is undeniably valuable content with the power to INFLUENCE people's choices, spread positivity and, ultimately, change lives for the better.

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From conception to execution, we deliver results for a wide array of clients at every level. The only requirement is simple:
Positive Change.


  • Brand Innovation Lab
  • Identity Development
  • Writers' Room
  • Partnership Procurement
  • Full-Service Creative Direction
  • Impact-Driven Experiences
  • Concept Construction
  • Brand Strategy
  • Campaign Activation
  • CSR Strategy + Implementation


We are a team of change-makers, strategists, marketers, writers, designers, dreamers, and obsessive problem solvers.

Our Founder +
Lead Strategist

Eternal optimist. Relentless problem solver. Insatiable dreamer.
KEVIN SELDON has never been one for following the rules.

Kevin founded Keldof right out of college. As a pioneer within the social-impact space, he was one of the first marketers to unite celebrities and brands with non-profits to create cause-conscious campaigns driving awareness for the most crucial issues affecting our world. Before he knew it, his drive to leave a lasting mark led to the creation of countless initiatives with clients from Vanity Fair and Teach For America to NBCUniversal.

Realizing there was also a demand for these same services from individuals and small businesses, Kevin launched Keldof Labs: an invite-only, social entrepreneurship think tank offering an incubator program to build innovative, impact-driven brands across an array of mediums. Alumni have gone on to launch high-profile clothing brands, restaurants, wellness studios, production companies, and thriving non-profits.

Driven by an urge for constant improvement, Kevin is bold enough to ask the tough questions while insightful enough to seek out unorthodox solutions. He’s led countless inspirational workshops from Comcast to Northwestern University (his Alma mater), spoken on stages across the country, and refuses to take on a project he doesn’t wholeheartedly believe in.

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