Seldon (pictured above with his son) was selected by Dove Men
as a spokesperson for their DADvocate Campaign with Paid Leave US,
celebrating the benefits of Paternity Leave –
one of the main focuses of The DILF Podcast's 1st season


CULVER CITY, CA :: Keldof Marketing, the social-impact consultancy known for its work with clients from NBCUniversal to Grammy winning musical group The Roots, has successfully launched its first podcast reaching parents all over the world. In January 2020, Keldof Founder, Kevin Seldon, launched The DILF Podcast, one of the first ventures from Keldof Labs – an experimental think tank within Keldof Marketing that offers an incubator program focused on positive social change.

The goal of The DILF Podcast (as in: Dad I'd Like to... FRIEND) is to tear down the walls that typically leave men out from engaging in honest + vulnerable conversations about modern parenthood through inspirational-yet-relatable stories from the often underestimated perspective of a DAD.

The DILF Podcast was recently featured by People Magazine and has been consistently selected as one of 2020's Top10 Dad Podcasts. The new favorite amongst both dads and moms has broken onto Apple’s Top 50 Parenting Podcast charts in the US, Canada, Australia, Spain, Thailand, Mexico, Germany, Denmark, and France.

After five years of failed attempts at starting a family, future DILF Podcast Host Kevin Seldon was left a bit broken – working to inspire passion in others while sorely lacking it in himself. So when he and his wife finally learned they were pregnant, Seldon decided to take an extended paternity leave, which was as inspiring as it was lonely. It was that experience that led him to create an intimate space for dads in an attempt to build the support network he so sorely lacked when he first entered the world of #DadLife.  

DILF's latest guest is fresh off an appearance on The TODAY Show. In April of 2020, Rob Kenney, a father of two, launched a YouTube channel offering some friendly "DADvice" to those in need – advice he wish he would have received when his own father abandoned him and his seven siblings when he was only 14-years-old. That YouTube channel is called DAD, HOW DO I and it has amassed over 2.4 million subscribers in just three months.

In episode 11 of The DILF Podcast: Father Figure, Seldon sits down with Kenney for a raw and honest heart-to-heart exploring topics from celebrating our imperfections and the importance of being vulnerable in front of our children to the best way to prevent past mistakes from corrupting our present.

Following the success of The DILF Podcast, Keldof Labs is developing the first-ever comprehensive app for dads. The concept behind the forth-coming DadLife App is to create an interactive space for actively-involved fathers to connect and gain access to the type of resources that have been readily available to moms for years. The app intends to provide the kind of support that all parents deserve, but is rarely available to dads. To learn more, visit

About Keldof Labs

Keldof Labs is an experimental think tank offering clients an incubator program to build innovative brands across an array of mediums with one sole focus: true social impact. Keldof Labs is a division of Keldof Marketing, a social-impact consultancy focused on the conception + activation of special projects that create positive social change for clients including NBCUniversal, Vanity Fair, Teach For America, The Roots and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

The DILF Podcast and The DadLife App are products of Keldof Labs.


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