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HOLLYWOOD, CA (August 17, 2010) – On Sunday, September 26, stars from TV, Film, Sports and Music will unite with their favorite Non-Profit Organizations for The Ultimate Slam PaddleJam. Taking place at The Music Box in the heart of Hollywood, the 2010 PaddleJam is a celebrity ping pong tournament which will raise awareness for the crucial issues of multiple non-profits, while educating the public on the many ways to make a positive impact without necessarily reaching into their wallets.

The 2010 PaddleJam, produced by Keldof Marketing, will unite cause-conscious brands with top talent and connect both with top non-profits in the categories of Education, Health, Environment, Human Rights, Animal Rights, Community, Poverty & The Arts. Sixteen celebrities will join to play for different organizations including Rock The Vote, Equality CA, Ann & George Lopez Foundation, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles, and The Humane Society of the United States, among others.

“With eight cause categories, we cover the spectrum of issues affecting our world at present, issues which are inherently connected. We aim to create a playful environment that also acts as a ‘one-stop cause shop,” said PaddleJam Producer Kevin Seldon. “While donations to our prestigious participating Non-Profits are of course welcomed and vital to their survival, PaddleJam will provide a site which will house a series of actions from each of the participating non-profits – engaging visitors to take immediate action without costing anything more than a few moments of their time.”

The PaddleJam website, will give audiences around the globe the chance to take action, get involved and make an impact. For example, through Rock The Vote, visitors can register to vote quickly and easily; through The Humane Society of the United States, they can pledge to adopt their next pet; and through the Ann & George Lopez Foundation, they will be able to become an organ donor.

For more information on participating non-profits, celebrity players, brand partners, and to learn about opportunities to attend, follow the PaddleJam Twitter at @PaddleJam or visit

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