DECLARE YOURSELF celebrates as the BEST VIRAL ELECTION VIDEOS OF 2008 are revealed



Victoria Powers

Los Angeles (November 5, 2008) - Last night, on one of the most historic nights in US history, some of young hollywood's most influential gathered to celebrate in style with Declare Yourself as FunnyOrDie & Keldof Marketing announced their picks for the "Best Viral Election Videos of 2008." Guests arrived to the exclusive Zune LA in Hollywood for an intimate Election Viewing Party with food by Pink's Hot Dogs (pictured upper left), Edible Arrangements, and cocktails by LVMH. By 8pm, the night turned to celebration of the democratic process as over 136 million US citizens let their voice be heard, the highest voter turnout in US history. The moment Senator Barack Obama surpassed the 270 electoral votes needed to win the white house, bloggers took to their computers and DJs, from Aaron Colbert, Ana Dimmak, Kim Anh and Anon Sitko of Booby Trap to Dj Daisy O, turned the music up as the most talked about, influential, heartfelt, and just plain funny viral videos of the year were revealed:

20. Les Misbarack
19. FunnyOrDie: Joe Six Pack vs Joe The Plumber
18. College Humor: Sarah Palin Disney Trailer
17. Terry Tate: Reading is Fundamental
16. FunnyOrDie: Hayden Panettierre PSA, Your Vote Your Choice
15. MoveOn: One Vote
14. You Can Vote However You Like
13. Declare Yourself: School House Rock "Lever"
12. McCain and Obama Dance off
11. Declare Yourself: Voting and You
10. The Daily Show: Baruch Obama
. 9. TIE: Declare Yourself: "Black Talk" & "I'm Wiser Than You"
. 8. FunnyOrDie: Opie, Andy and the Fonz reunite
. 7. Barely Political: I Got a Crush...On Obama
. 6. JCER: The Great Schlep
. 5. 60 Frames: Wassup 2008
. 4. Will.I.Am: Yes We Can
. 3. FunnyOrDie: Paris Hilton Campaign Video (original)
. 2. Declare Yourself: Hollywood Declares Themselves (original)
. 1. SNL: Palin and Hilary

The night also celebrated the culmination of Declare Yourself's WHY WAIT campaign - encouraging the public to vote early through a series of viral promos with talent ranging from T.I. and Seth Green to Christina Applegate, Olivia Munn, David Henrie and Perez Hilton.

Both the Why Wait campaign and last night's celebration were produced by Kevin Seldon of Keldof, a marketing/branding firm based in Los Angeles since 2004. Invitation design by Matthew J. Frazier; electoral map game by Keldof, Allyce Ozarski with special thanks to Blick Art Materials and Lounge Appeal.

Declare Yourself is a nonpartisan, nonprofit campaign aiming to empower every eligible American, 18-to-29 years old, to register and vote in the 2008 presidential election. Through the power of strategic media partnerships, celebrity spokespeople, retail outreach, sports and, most importantly, digital technology and social media, Declare Yourself has created a campaign that embraces the landscape of youth peer and popular culture with one key message: register and vote. Since 2004, declare yourself has registered more than two million young voters.

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