5 most important BASICS to understanding & utilizing TWITTER!




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What is Twitter and How do I use it?
The FIVE most important BASICS to understanding and utilizing TWITTER

1. Similar to a BLOG, twitter is very simply a PLATFORM that allows users to communicate whatever is on their mind in 140 characters or less (including letters and spaces); hence the term: Micro-Blog.
Each entry is referred to as a TWEET & within each tweet, one can include a url linking to a picture, another website or a longer article.
... *helpful tools: (use to shorten urls), (use for sharing pix) & (use for sharing videos)

2. Twitter differs from Facebook in that people can follow you without your “permission” – making it a place to communicate/promote things to the masses as opposed to simply your close network of friends. Like any successful newsletter, a strong following is crucial; therefore, we recommend choosing the topic/topics you know best and tweeting anything you find relevant on the web relating to that topic (using your 140 characters to grab other user's attention)
...*recommended: create tweets that read like catchy newspaper headlines and then include a link to a corresponding blog or website with a more in-depth analysis on the topic of your headline)

3. HASHTAGS are essentially KEYWORDS – to create a hashtag, simply put # in front of your keyword (ie: #iran), making that keyword more searchable through the following url:
...*one of the goals to success on twitter is creating a hashtag that becomes a “trending topic” – meaning a hashtag that gets reused enough times by others to become one of the top 10 keywords on twitter for the day or longer (ie: #followfriday)

4. One of the most exciting elements of twitter is social interaction with strangers with similar interests. In order to reference another person in a tweet or respond to someone else’s posting, simply put @ before their username in your tweet, and a link will automatically be created to their account (ie: @RootsJamSession is good times)

5. Another great way to build your network and show respect for other TWITTERS/TWEOPLE is to repost or RETWEET (RT) tweets that you enjoyed or found informative. To do this, simply begin your tweet with the following - RT @theirusername: message being retweeted (ie: RT @oprah: i have a LOT of $$)

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